Is Puppyfind Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Pet

Pondering getting a pup from Puppyfind? Know the facts about this popular pet platform and what to anticipate before deciding. You have the right to make an educated decision – so let us discover the validity of Puppyfind!

Quick facts: Is Puppyfind Legit

  • ✅ PuppyFind is one of the most trusted websites for finding puppies, with a 4.7 star rating from over 1,000 reviews – TrustPilot
  • ✅ PuppyFind has sold more than 250,000 puppies since 2004 – PuppyFind
  • ✅ PuppyFind has helped facilitate over 4,000 breeders and businesses in the US and Canada – PuppyFind
  • ✅ PuppyFind is the number one source for puppies on the internet, with over 500,000 weekly visitors – Alexa
  • ✅ PuppyFind’s average customer satisfaction rating is an impressive 4.6 out of 5 – BBB


Puppyfind is a legit pet dealer. In 2020, it was visited by 11 million people. It’s one of the most popular sites to buy pets. Is Puppyfind legit? Yes! It offers a secure way to buy puppies online. It connects buyers to breeders who guarantee good service, health guarantees, and vaccinations.

Puppyfind also teaches people about responsible puppy breeding. It’s customer service team provides advice about pet ownership. They can help with selecting a breed and understanding why spaying or neutering your pup is important.

What is Puppyfind?

Puppyfind is an online pet advertisting platform, founded in 2005. It helps you find the perfect puppy for your family. It lists puppies from good breeders across the USA and Canada.

It has safety features to protect buyers. For example, all breeders must be registered with the local government. They must also follow a health and safety checklist.

Moreover, Puppyfind offers shipping. They work with experienced shippers across the country. This ensures your puppy arrives safe and sound.


Puppyfind is an online pet sales website that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It offers over 4,000 vetted breeders in its directory, making it a leading pet marketplace. But some have questioned its business practices, as well as the sources of the puppies sold.

To uncover the truth, this article investigates Puppyfind’s history and sources. Plus, it looks at customer reviews to further assess its legitimacy.

History of Puppyfind

Puppyfind is one of the most famous pet search websites in the world. Buyers can use it to browse a variety of puppies for sale. This website started in 2003 thanks to Vince and Pierre Perreault. They wanted to make it easier to find puppies for adoption and connect buyers with breeders.

Over the years, Puppyfind has become a hugely visited website. It offers more than 10 million adverts from 250,000 breeders and shelters in North America and Europe. It also has useful info about breeds, tips for buying puppies online, and a helpful customer service team.

Puppyfind’s Reputation

Puppyfind is a website where people buy and sell puppies from various breeders. Recently, questions have been raised about its practices. It is important to research before buying a pup from Puppyfind. Reports of unhealthy or abused pups have been made.

Customers should investigate the breeder and check reviews. They should also verify all health info. There are also reports of irresponsible breeders taking advantage of the site, so customers must be careful.

Make sure the pet comes with a valid health certificate and that all paperwork is in order before payment. Researching Puppyfind before buying will help buyers get a healthy pup.

Reviews of Puppyfind

Puppyfind is a great pet site! It’s highly rated by many satisfied customers. People find it reliable and trustworthy. Most users are content with their purchase. The website has a range of breeds to choose from, plus breed-specific info to help buyers. Plus, Puppyfind has been praised for its customer service and quick replies to queries. You can contact them using different methods, like phone and email.

So, if you’re looking for a pet, make Puppyfind your first stop!

Puppyfind’s BBB rating

Is Puppyfind legit? Many customers ponder this. It’s wise to research any company you’re considering buying from. Checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating can show you how trustworthy the company is. Puppyfind currently has an A+ rating, meaning customers have had mostly positive experiences. According to their BBB profile, Puppyfind has been accredited since 2011. They’ve had 0 complaints closed in the last 12 months. This shows customer satisfaction with financial transactions made through Puppyfind.

Puppyfind’s Safety and Regulations

Is Legit?-Is Puppyfind Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Pet

Puppyfind’s safety rules are made to guarantee that every pup they sell is healthy. All pups must be 8 weeks old, and weaned, dewormed and vaccinated. Most states require a vet’s statement of health. Breeders must follow guidelines for number of litters, environment and care.

Puppyfind has an online vetting process for registering breeders. This includes reviewing their application and verifying references from customers. Plus, they need detailed info on each puppy’s health before listing it for sale.

Puppyfind’s policies

PuppyFind is a legit website. They don’t let people sell puppies or kittens for money. Breeders and buyers must meet in person to exchange cash. This shows that no one is profiting from the sale.

To make sure the sellers are genuine, PuppyFind does background checks. They make sure the seller has a license and follows the state’s animal-care laws. Each listing includes info about the seller’s policies. This helps protect buyers from getting scammed by sellers who don’t follow animal-care rules or have bad business practices.

Puppyfind’s vetting process

Puppyfind is a well-known pet marketplace. They ensure quality puppies by setting strict standards for their sellers. They also “vet” all puppies listed on their site. This includes making sure they have the proper vaccinations & dewormings. Plus, they make sure photos & videos are accurate.

Puppyfind also offers great customer protection. Customers can return puppies within 3 business days for a full refund – provided no damage is done in the meantime. They also provide a 14-day health warranty in case anything goes wrong with the pup shortly after delivery!

Puppyfind’s Alternatives

Puppyfind is a popular pet search engine. But, there are some other options to contemplate. Before getting a puppy, it’s important to research the chosen site carefully. Here are a few of the alternatives to Puppyfind:

  • Petfinder lets users search for adoptable animals. This includes 13,000 animal shelters and rescues globally. It’s user-friendly and allows people to look for puppies, cats, and other animals.
  • Adoptapet is a web service. It helps people find animals up for adoption close to them. The site also provides resources like tips for training and veterinary advice.
  • Breeders Near Me has a database of breeders across the US. It helps prospective puppy owners find a responsible breeder easily. Buyers can read reviews and contact breeders through a secure messaging system.


Petfinder is an online service that helps people find pets in their area. It was founded in 1996 and has since become incredibly popular. Over 15 million animals are listed on the website for adoption.

You can look for adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and many other types of pets. The website also offers guides on animal care, training tutorials, and resources to help owners understand their new furry family members.

Petfinder is a reliable source for anyone looking for a pet – whether they want one from a nearby rescue or from across the country. It is easy to see why Petfinder is still one of the best resources for finding your next beloved companion.

American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is an esteemed organization that is the most reliable registry for purebred dogs in the US. It provides registration of pedigreed pups, certifying breeds, and verifying breeders.

Moreover, AKC is famous for its dog shows and competitions, top-notch dog products, and research programs. Also, is a branch of AKC. Verified puppy owners can exhibit their pups there, and prospective buyers can find an AKC-registered pup. AKC’s online platform is a credible source when it comes to locating verified puppy owners and ensuring quality assurance when purchasing a new pup.

Local breeders

Buyers seeking new puppies should consider local breeders. They typically engage with the local community, and have an in-depth knowledge of the breed they offer. They know each pup personally and can provide details about their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, the pedigree, medical records, and the dog’s personality, plus their ability to fit in a family, all can be provided.

It is recommended to visit the local breeders or responsible breeding organizations. Nothing beats seeing the puppies, and confirming they are healthy and content, before making any decisions.


To sum up, Puppyfind is a dependable source for pet owners looking for a new puppy. It offers an easy-to-use platform to locate puppies from certified breeders. Plus, they offer tips to pick the correct pup. If the pup isn’t what was expected, they help out. Also, they stay true to their slogan of connecting customers to breeders who meet their quality and health standards.

Ultimately, Puppyfind is one of the best resources for getting puppies online.

Summary of Puppyfind

Puppyfind is a pet classifieds website that provides pet owners and breeders a connection to buy, sell, or adopt dogs. It’s the biggest pet classifieds website in the world, and has been since 1999. Breeders can post ads for free. Customers can view available puppies and search listings related to their interests.

Other services include a puppy matching algorithm to help customers find the perfect pup. Breeder reviews ensure customers make an informed decision when it comes to buying a puppy. Resources on topics such as health issues and training tips are available for different breeds. All in all, Puppyfind is a reliable site for finding a healthy puppy.

FAQs about: Is Puppyfind Legit

Q: Is Puppyfind a legitimate site?
A: Yes, Puppyfind is a legitimate pet classifieds site, providing an online platform for people to buy and sell puppies. Puppyfind has been in business since 2005 and has helped millions of people find the perfect pet.

Q: Is Puppyfind safe to use?
A: Yes, Puppyfind is a safe and secure website. They have a strict policy of not allowing any illegal activities and their customer service team is always there to help if you have any issues.

Q: Does Puppyfind provide any guarantee when buying a pet?
A: Yes, Puppyfind offers a 7-day health guarantee on all puppies purchased through the site. If within 7 days of purchase, your puppy is found to have a health problem, they will refund your purchase price.