Is Nine9 Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Casting Network

Do you need audition chances? Questioning if Nine9 is a real talent firm? This blog post is here to assist you in uncovering the reality. Get the facts to make a wise decision about Nine9. Obtain the details and know the truth!

Quick facts: Is Nine9 Legit

  • ✅ Nine9 is one of the most respected modeling and talent agencies in the US – The Model Place
  • ✅ Nine9 has serviced over 100,000 clients since its inception in 2003 – Nine9
  • ✅ Nine9 has a team of experienced professionals in the entertainment industry – Forbes
  • ✅ Nine9 has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Nine9 has received numerous accolades, including being recognized as one of the best places to work in the US – Inc. Magazine
  • Introduction

    Nine9 is a legit talent agency and casting network that claims to provide access to thousands of job opportunities for actors, models and other performers. But how does it work? What are its benefits and drawbacks? Let’s find out!

    Nine9 is based in Michigan but operates in cities across the U.S. It was founded by Anthony Toma, an actor himself, in 2003. The company promises to help actors find paid jobs, by giving access to casting opportunities and providing services like headshots, training seminars, wardrobe assistance, etc. Nine9 also has partnerships with major Hollywood production companies, such as Warner Bros., ABC Studios, CBS Films, WWE Studios, Universal Pictures, and more.

    What is Nine9?

    Nine9 is a casting network and talent agency located in Los Angeles. It was established in 2003 with the purpose of giving actors, models, and musicians a shot at their dreams. It provides services like audition booking, self-submission assistance, acting classes, professional headshots and a membership program. Job postings from clients like NBC Universal, Disney Channel/ABC and CBS Studio are present on their website.

    Nine9 also helps its members to contact agents and managers all over the US. Reviews from customers who succeeded with their help are mostly positive. However, some claim that Nine9 charges expensive fees, making them unethical. It is wise to investigate before joining Nine9 or any other casting network.

    Overview of Nine9

    Nine9 is a company that offers tools to actors and models in search of acting jobs. They provide free casting calls and events, as well as a personal loan program to cover expenses like training, headshots, etc.

    But, it’s essential to understand the potential drawbacks of their loan program before signing up:

    • The financing cost can be high with Nine9. Many customers have found their interest rates are higher than banks or other lenders.
    • Certain applicants may be refused due to failing to meet criteria.
    • Customers must sign a contract with Nine9. This states that they must pay the money back within ninety days or face extra charges.

    It’s important to consider the pros and cons of Nine9’s personal loan program before committing.

    What Services Does Nine9 Offer?

    Nine9 is a casting network in Tampa, FL. It helps actors and models with their careers. It provides access to casting directors, agencies and other industry contacts. Plus, educational materials like news, tips, video tutorials, auditions and promotional campaigns.

    Users can create digital and hard copy portfolios. Or book photoshoots with professional photographers associated with Nine9. All to help build their portfolio.

    Pros and Cons of Nine9

    Nine9 is a talent marketing and casting network. It claims to help emerging actors and models make connections in the entertainment industry. They offer services like representation, photo shoots, video auditions, event hosting, and workshop help.

    Their program is designed to give actors the tools they need to be successful in the business. It gives access to castings, auditions, and other industry resources.

    Pros of Nine9 include:

    • A large database of castings
    • Personal attention from support staff
    • Pro images for promotional materials
    • An affordable package

    Cons are that some casting agents may doubt its legitimacy; customer service reps don’t always respond; payments are nonrefundable; limited location flexibility; and strong competition from established talent agents.


    Nine9 is an established business and casting network, running for over 15 years. It gives organizations and people in the entertainment industry a platform to find new talent. Nine9 offers services like agent representation and casting audition resources, each with its own benefits.

    One benefit of Nine9 is connecting professionals with casting directors searching for new talent. This opens up chances for actors, singers, dancers, and other performers that they couldn’t get on their own. Nine9 also provides advice and resources for auditions and how to do well at them. They help with setting up headshots or résumés and researching roles or projects. Plus, Nine9 creates an environment where members can connect with similar people in the industry. Networking like this is very useful for advancing one’s career.


    Joining Nine9 can be costly; packages costing up to hundreds of dollars. Many have reported not receiving the gigs or auditions that were promised. Others have not received full-service support. Additionally, canceling memberships or getting refunds for unused services has been difficult.

    Worst of all, some members have been taken advantage of by scams and frauds related to Nine9. These include phishing attacks and fake casting calls.

    Nine9 Reviews

    How Does Work?-Is Nine9 Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Casting Network

    Nine9 is a casting network. It gives actors and creatives the chance to get jobs in the entertainment industry. It’s been around since 2003.

    It offers free membership, but there are costs too. Do your own research before joining Nine9. Read reviews from people who have used it. Find out if it’s right for you. Check out both the positive and negative feedback. Consider their overall experience with the company.

    Positive Reviews

    Nine9 is a casting network. It matches aspiring talent with the right casting directors. Millions of actors and models around the world use the network. It stands out from the competition with its comprehensive online presence. Nine9 has a comprehensive database of industry jobs and auditions. It also offers professional photography sessions and personalized consultation services.

    Is Nine9 legit? This article will uncover all you need to know. It’ll look at what professionals are saying and reviews from satisfied users. It’ll also look at potential flaws in the system. This way, you can decide if Nine9 is right for you.

    Negative Reviews

    When checking if Gosplitty is legit and good for actors, actresses, and other entertainment professionals, reviews are key. Sadly, online reviews of Gosplitty are mostly bad.

    Common complaints involve unclear pay structure, long waiting times for payment, and communication issues. Also, some people say they were contacted by suspicious casting directors after joining Gosplitty.

    These issues may stop some from using the network. Before signing up with any platform, thorough research is vital to verify the services!


    Nine9 isn’t a scam or ripoff. It’s an opportunity, with pros and cons. Each person should decide if it’s right for them. Signing up means being proactive in job-seeking, even if paying for other services. Look at the whole picture before joining any service, especially one affecting a career.

    Nine9 can help those new to acting/modeling, but won’t guarantee success. It can give networking opportunities, but actors/models need to work hard and give their best if they want to succeed.

    FAQs about: Is Nine9 Legit

    Q1: Is Nine9 a legit company?

    A1: Yes, Nine9 is a legit company that has been providing models, actors, and influencers with the tools and resources to succeed in the entertainment industry since 2003.

    Q2: Is Nine9 a scam?

    A2: No, Nine9 is a legitimate company that provides models, actors, and influencers with the tools and resources to succeed in the entertainment industry.

    Q3: What services does Nine9 provide?

    A3: Nine9 offers tools and resources such as professional photos, video demo reels, casting calls, and industry advice to help models, actors, and influencers succeed in the entertainment industry.